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A message from Nancy Pierson – Equity Title Biltmore’s New Business Development Manager

A message from Nancy Pierson – Equity Title Biltmore’s New Business Development Manager

I am excited and honored to be asked to be part of Equity Title Biltmore team.  My predecessor, no doubt, has set a solid foundation of exquisite customer service and going above and beyond in her role.  I am no stranger to that work ethic and philosophy, and I look forward to continuing in her footsteps, adding my own flair and utilizing my own strengths.    My background includes 4.5 years as a Product Advisor and Business Events Facilitator for Microsoft.   I was known for the networking events that I developed and hosted at the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale Fashion Square, in particular, a training and networking event specifically for the Real Estate Industry.   I also was a sole proprietor for 8 years of a women’s clothing and accessory boutique in Scottsdale. While attending school, I worked as an Escrow Secretary and, ultimately, an Escrow Officer.   Customer interfacing has always been my strong suit; getting to know people and helping them achieve their goals is what I value most in a career.

On a personal note, I am practically a native, moving to Arizona from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, when I was 5 years old and residing with my family in the north central corridor.   I attended Sunnyslope High School and graduated from ASU with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing.   I have two wonderful children, Ethan and Chloe who both attend Arizona School for the Arts.   We happily live in the Cheery Lynn Historic District.

I look forward to assisting with marketing and escrow needs. Equity Title Biltmore has an experienced team of Escrow Officers that add a personal touch to each transaction and allow a smooth flow until close.  I am proud to be part of that great synergy and I look forward to working with you!

Nancy Pierson – – 602.769.1438

Upcoming Classes – Spring 2014

See the list of classes I have coming up – and RSVP if you want to reserve a seat!

April 9

What: Let’s Talk Title: Title Vesting and Ways to Take Title

Please join us for this valuable learning opportunity this coming Wednesday, April 9th from 9:00-10:00am. The topic, “Title Vesting and Ways to Take Title” will be taught by Branch Manager, Kathy Stewart.

Kathy will review: Ways your Buyer can take Title, What happens when your Seller is represented in a contract as an Individual vs. In a Trust vs. As a Personal Representative of an Estate vs. With a Power of Attorney. She will also discuss scenarios such as, “What if my Seller is Deceased?” and “What if my Buyers are getting married a month after closing?”

Seating is very limited, please RSVP ( if you would like to attend!

When: Wednesday, April 9 from 9:00am-10:00am

Where: Equity Title Biltmore Office – 3125 E Lincoln Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Instructor: Kathy Stewart, Branch Manager



April 10

What: Keep it Fair

This class takes a close look at the Fair Housing Act and understanding of the laws behind the implementation of the Act, what the goals are and the purpose underlying the Act, and how licensees comply with the provisions. Learn about the protected classes and, of course, some of the exemptions to the Act.

When: Thursday, April 10 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Arizona Academy of Real Estate – New Phoenix Location – 5150 N 16th St, Ste B146, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Instructor: Brad Horton

Cost: $10

CE Hours: 3 Fair Housing Hours

Click here to Pre-Register OR RSVP:


April 24

What: Buying and Selling HUD Homes

This class is an important part of your real estate career and the new HUD buying and selling rules have changed.  The increase of HUD homes available for sale at levels close to the early 90’s means this education will be instrumental in helping to sell or buy a HUD home as it is completely different.

  • What buyers can get for a HUD home
  • What financing is available for HUD homes
  • Understand how to bid on a home
  • Understand how to handle repairs
  • Learn how easy it is to handle repairs
  • Learn what to do when you bid a home
  • Learn the forms of HUD and why they are unique
  • Learn the HUD auction process
  • Learn how to get your own HAID number
  • Learn how to market for HUD homes
  • Learn how to attract buyers and investors for these homes

When: Thursday, April 24 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Arizona Academy of Real Estate – New Phoenix Location – 5150 N 16th St, Ste B146, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Instructor: Steve McCamey

Cost: $10

CE Hours: 3 Contract Law Hours

Click here to Pre-Register OR RSVP:


May 1

What: Mastering the Listing Presentation

Analyze the principles of supply and demand while evaluating market trends in representing a seller in a listing.  Learn about your agency responsibilities while figuring out how to meet your seller’s expectations.  Presenting the comparables and anticipating seller objections are just some of the hands on skills you will adopt in this class.

When: Thursday, May 1 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Arizona Academy of Real Estate – New Phoenix Location – 5150 N 16th St, Ste B146, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Instructor: Paula Cotton

Cost: $10

CE Hours: 3 General

Click here to Pre-Register OR RSVP:

May 15

What: It’s All About Disclosure

This class covers the responsibilities of the Broker and Agent to their clients in a transaction when disclosure issues are raised.  The discussion centers around the advisory documents available for agents and their clients, and the physical conditions affecting property that the buyer should investigate during the inspection period.

When: Thursday, May 15 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Arizona Academy of Real Estate – New Phoenix Location – 5150 N 16th St, Ste B146, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Instructor: Aaron Green

Cost: $10

CE Hours: 3 Disclosure Hours

Click here to Pre-Register OR RSVP:


May 29

What: Dodd Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Just like Congress, we are going to examine this laws only after it has been enacted!  This class takes a look at the unprecedented changes in lending and how the voluminous Dodd Frank Act has changed the real estate landscape forever.

When: Thursday, May 29 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Arizona Academy of Real Estate – New Phoenix Location – 5150 N 16th St, Ste B146, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Instructor: David Compton

Cost: $10

CE Hours: 3 Legal Issues Hours

Click here to Pre-Register OR RSVP:

Enhancing your Image, Technically

Recently, I presented my favorite tips to help enhance your image using technology. They are simple, time saving tools that will make you look better than ever!

How to Create a Hyperlink Click here!

To Shorten a long URL (link) to use on flyers or Twitter, I use

  • Copy the long URL
  • Go to and paste it at the top of the page
  • Click Shorten
  • Copy the new, short URL for your flyer or Twitter!

How to Add a Signature to a Text Message

  • On your phone, go to SETTINGS –> GENERAL –> KEYBOARD –> SHORTCUTS –> ADD NEW
  • In the ‘Phrase’ box, type in the exact text you would like to appear as your signature
  • In the ‘Shortcut’ box, type in the letters you want to use to designate your shortcut, example: ss
  • Save it
  • THEN, in a text message, when you want your shortcut to appear, simply type the shortcut – ss – and hit the space bar

How to Add a Signature to your Email on your iPhone or iPadClick here!

How to Add your Signature to your Outlook Email AccountClick here!

How to Share your Listing from the MLS on FacebookClick here for the steps!

My Favorite {FREE} Photo Apps – Instagram, Pic Stitch and FlipagramClick here for screenshots!

My Favorite {FREE} Photo Apps for Real Estate

Everyone loves pictures! Use these easy-to-use, free apps to show off your listings!


Insta 1
















Insta 2















Insta 3
















PicStitch 1















PicStitch 2













PicStitch 3















PicStitch 4














PicStitch 5














PicStitch 6














PicStitch 7
















Flip 1














Flip 2













Flip 3













Flip 4














Flip 5

Post your Listings on Facebook

As a Listing Agent, you want to share your Listings with as many people as possible. In the past, it has been slightly difficult to promote listings or open houses on Facebook – but there is a work-around that is simple, sleek and professional! Follow these steps to learn how. (Note: ‘Selling’ on your Facebook profile is against the rules – however, you can let your friends know ‘how excited you are about the listing you just took.’)

Step One:

Create and save a search for your listings.

Listings to FB 1





Listings to FB 2








Step Two:

Set up a Portal for yourself.

Step Three:

Go to your Portal and View it.

Listings to FB 3









Step Four:

Open the Saved Search of your Listings.

Listings to FB 4







Step Five:

Select the listing you want to share and click the green Share button and select Facebook.

Listings to FB 5






Step Six:

A new Post will open in Facebook. Add and comment and share!

Listngs to FB 6

Congratulations Coldwell Banker Award Winners